Elbeco BodyShield™ External Vest Carrier V4

The updated BodyShield External Vest Carrier V4 allows you to wear a ballistic vest over your uniform for maximum comfort and accessibility while remaining virtually invisible to the untrained eye. The enhanced side closure system of the V4 allows for more comfortable wear and easy on and off.
The durable battle-tested fabric features UVF 50 protection and anti-microbial technology in the lining. Adding customizable pouches and molles to your vest redistributes weight from your duty belt.

NEW! 2″ knit elastic extension provides extra range of motion while relieving direct stress on the FastLock closure
NEW! Reinforced FastLock side closure system provides a tighter, more adjustable fit
Reduced back panel balances the increase in the waistband to ensure consistent sizing
Factory certified, this vest is designed to house any body armor manufacturer’s vest.
Shell Fabric: 600 Denier Syntex 100% Polyester Tropical Weave | Weight: 7.2 oz./sq. yard
Lining Fabric: 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Twill Weave | Weight: 5.5 oz./sq. yard
Addition of a 2″ knit elastic extension to the end of each front side panel, providing extra range of motion while relieving direct stress on the FastLock closure
Reinforced FastLock side closure system provides the option for a tighter fit
Reduced the back panel by 3″ to minimize increased waistband circumference to ensure consistent sizing
Stealth cummerbund zippered waist closure with front-to-back side FastLock closure system
Zipper openings on inside for easy insertion of ballistic panels
UPF 50 protection
Anti-microbial technology in the lining and neck opening
Large hidden document pocket extends width of chest with zipper closure and dual pass-through to access ballistic cover
Dual-access chest pockets with back bellows, scalloped flaps, FastLock closures and pencil compartment in left pocket
Zipper opening on front placket with camera mount tab
Tunnel loops on inside lining accommodate VSS1™ Suspension System to alleviate back pain
Loose functional shoulder straps with interior shoulder openings under straps

Available in Midnight Navy, Black, and Tan